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Get all the listings you can handle

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"The most powerful program that I've seen"

"In the history of real estate, I've never seen a program generate this kind of success"

"Holy cow! You've unlocked the secret"

What Gary Keller has to say about the 72SOLD Program
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Get Immediate Listings

We give you what you need to make home sellers begin calling you immediately after you join our program!

We also teach you what to say to set yourself apart from every other agent in your market and list every home at the right price on the first appointment.

The median earnings of agents in our program is $248,000, over 5X the industry average.

Get TV Referrals

We can also send you an unlimited number of home seller referrals from our monthly national TV campaign.

You always have the option, but never the obligation, to contribute to our TV AD fund and receive an estimated 4-6 home seller referrals per $1500.

Learn about our TV referral program in the downloadable brochure below.

283 listings in two years from 72SOLD
~Kristy and Nick
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Super Quality Referrals

The home sellers we refer you have typically seen a 72SOLD TV commercial and visited our 72SOLD website.

They tell us when they plan to sell, what they think their home is worth, and are waiting for you to contact them to explain our program.

Each of our home seller referrals is sent to only one agent who is trained on our program, so your referrals are yours alone.

Watch Our Welcome Video!

Welcome TO 72SOLD

The first video you'll see in our Training & Marketing Portal is a "WELCOME" from Greg Hague, our Founder. That's the "usual" place companies put a welcome video.

But we always ask the question: "Is there a better way than the usual way?" In this case we decided, yes.

So we invite you to watch Greg's welcome video now, before you sign up. You will learn more specifically how 72SOLD enables you to take your business to a level you may never have imagined.

What A Night!

72SOLD is the official real estate partner of the Arizona Diamondbacks. 72SOLD CEO, Greg Hague, was invited to throw out the first pitch on June 13, 2022, when the Diamondbacks hosted the Cincinnati Reds.

Greg was born and raised in Cincinnati. He grew up idolizing the "Big Red Machine" throughout his childhood. It was a dream come true for him to be invited to throw out the first pitch when the Reds came to Arizona (and he made sure it was a strike).

Our program has been featured in Forbes and on ABC, CBS and NBC Local News Affiliates.