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National TV Media Launch
We've sold 283 listings in two years from the referred listings provided by 72SOLD
~Kristy and Nick

America's TV Media Company For Realtors

We currently spend $2,000,000/month on TV advertising to attract home sellers for our Realtor members. We plan to increase our media budget to $12,000,000 in Q1 of 2023.

In the first half of 2022 we sent over 25,000 home sellers to our 625 members. Most earn $200,000-$300,000 a year from our referrals. Many earned over $1,000,000 last year.

High Quality Listing Referrals

The home sellers we refer to you have seen our TV ads, visited our website, entered their address, and answered several questions including when they plan to sell and what they believe their home is worth.

They enter their phone number and expect to be contacted immediately by you to learn about our home selling program.

These are NOT low quality, time sucking leads. They are high quality referrals of people waiting for a call... from you and only you.

Discover the benefits of the program we market to home sellers
Launched in Boise with 6 KW agents
123 listing appointments in 5 months

$12,000,000 National TV Launch

We've scheduled $12,000,000/month in national TV ads on ABC, CBS, and NBC news beginning Q1 of 2023.

Nationwide participation is limited to 8000 agents allocated by number of households in the 210 Designated TV Market Areas (DMAs). Each participating agent can expect 4-6 high converting listing referrals for each $1,500 contribution to our national advertising fund.

Our expertise is in marketing. Whatever your advertising budget, we will turn it into more business and more commissions than you will. That's what we do best!

How To Join

The cost to be trained on our program is $199. You have a 10 day money back guarantee if you don’t love what you learn.

Your training consists of two one-hour webinars by our founder. You may also attend our M-W-F morning mastermind calls where we interview successful 72SOLD agents across the country.

The ongoing cost is $72/month, which includes access to our multi-million-dollar TV commercial library redesigned for your personal use in social media, email and text campaigns to generate listing appointments for yourself.

This video library will set you apart from competitors, would cost you $1,000,000+ to replicate, and is business generation gold.

Sample 72SOLD marketing library videos for member personal use

Participation In Local/National TV Campaigns

You will have the option (but no obligation) to contribute “units” of $1500 into our national and local TV advertising funds. To participate in local TV advertising, you must also contribute to our national fund.

For each $1500 you contribute (local or national) you can expect (but are not guaranteed) 4-6 home seller referrals. You pay an industry standard 25% referral fee on commissions earned from our referrals.

Download our National Media Launch Brochure to learn more, and see the number of agents we will accept in your DMA.

We'll Leverage Your Advertising Dollars

Whatever you have to spend to generate listing business, we will turn it into more listings for you. We're currently doing it for our 625 members.

The cost is low. The upside is huge. Participation is limited.

Let us turn your advertising money into gold.

What A Night!

72SOLD is the official real estate partner of the Arizona Diamondbacks. 72SOLD CEO, Greg Hague, was invited to throw out the first pitch on June 13, 2022, when the Diamondbacks hosted the Cincinnati Reds.

Greg was born and raised in Cincinnati. He grew up idolizing the "Big Red Machine" throughout his childhood. It was a dream come true for him to be invited to throw out the first pitch when the Reds came to Arizona (and he made sure it was a strike).

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